case EuropaA workshop was organised in 2016 by the Research Council of Norway (RCN) and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), as a follow‐up of a first workshop on International Research Marketing (IRM). Brandaris Placemarketing was involved in preparing and executing the workshops, and a survey.  Around 40 research marketing managers participated from Member States/Associated Countries and the EC.

Dick de Jong, an expert in placemarketing from the Netherlands, led through session 1 summarizing the findings of the last International Research marketing Workshop in 2014. He analysed the findings of a survey carried out during onlineregistration in the different  countries. He as well pin‐pointed interesting finding and approaches towards international research marketing. The focus was two‐folded: on sharing experience on best practice (what works well, what not so well) and on social media.

The very open and lively discussions showed that a format for learning from other European countries is very useful and important. . It was discussed that a “common narrative” could be developed that countries could use for their marketing activities. The idea was raised that different actors (such as Innovation centers H2020, EU‐Science Counsellor‐Networks, Destination Europe, EURAXESS Links etc. ) should be kept in the loop. It should be elaborated if SFIC could act as an interlocutor to streamline the channels and pull information together.

Ideas for further follow up workshops would be:
- Bundle information on European activities on IRM (Destination Europe, EURAXESS Links, “Study in Europe”, Innovation Centers H2020?)
- Develop key messages: what can Europe offer (USPs) – create a common narrative

All participants in the workshop agreed that it would be useful to keep exchanging best practices on how to promote our countries towards the rest of the world.